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7:30PM - 8:00PM

Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

When you see depictions of Jesus in paintings and films, do you ever notice that He sometimes comes across wimpy? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth challenges you to think of an important aspect of Christ – His perfect masculinity. She helps you gain a new appreciation for a strong Savior, on REVIVE OUR . . .
8:00PM - 8:30PM

The Boundless Show with Lisa Anderson

Finding fun and inspiration in other women, plus Bailey Hurley on what to look for in a friend, and when you’re frustrated with where life has you.    Featured musical artist:  All Sons & Daughters   Roundtable: Finding Quality Female Friends   Ladies, who’s someone from your friend group you . . .
8:30PM - 9:00PM

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Ministry is a ministry that seeks the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Gift’s of the Holy Spirit to empower God’s people to live a life of Faith in Jesus.


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