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Holiday Travel Pre Game Reminder

I know what you’re thinking…Thanksgiving already? Well, it’s gobble gobble time soon enough and this year and I want you to be even more prepared. Especially if you’re traveling, I want you to lead your family with calm, centeredness and kindness. This is no small task if you are lugging the kids, stressed out over the airlines etc. Next week I’ll send over an entire article with tips for sanity. But here’s the preview, when it comes to the holiday season, be prepared. I am not that organized so I have to make a list over time. I keep it on my phone and whenever something pops into my head, I jot it down. Here’s one, if you are flying, then book the earliest flight out as possible. Yes, getting to the airport that early is annoying but believe me, on the days leading up to Thanksgiving, the airports are going to be packed to the brim so get in early and get out. Next week, I’ll shed more light on how to stay sane this holiday season. Have a fantastic week!  As always, get out, see the world, and I’ll see you in line at security.  



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