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July 18, 2019

The Common Good - 7/18/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:01): Ian is visiting his family in America’s High Five, so Brian calls upon his friend and fellow pastor Scott Murray to help carry the show! He tells us his story and journey to Illinois to become a junior high pastor. 

(09:01-18:07): Brian and Scott talk about the differences between a big and a small church. Is there a significant difference in leadership? In the Chicago-land area, the idea of the megachurch has been tainted with scandal. Does that negate the good potential of having a large church?

(18:07-28:20): Scott Sauls is frequently featured on The Common Good and one of his most recent tweets calls for conversation. Brian and Scott discuss Sauls’ take on membership and how building relationships in a church, as you are, is important. 

(28:20-37:19): Scott closes out the hour with us talking about what excites him most, and what concerns him, about Christianity. Brian wants Christians and the world to become more united and less divided. 

(37:19-47:35): In the midst of hateful rhetoric and seemingly countless tragedies in the world, Brian discusses the necessity of hope we as Christians must have. He and producer John discuss exemplifying the love of God and how important it is to be hopeful during trying times.

(47:35-58:13): Chick-fil-A isn't open on Sundays. It's missing out on more than $1B in sales. Brian and John discuss their decision to uphold staying closed on the Sabbath and what image that portrays of the company. 

(58:13-1:08:25): MLB suddenly lost pitcher Tyler Skaggs last week and the Angels did something amazing during the game of which they dedicated to number 45. Baseball players are notorious for being superstitious and believe in omens and such, and this game was full of them. Was God at work here? Does he move through coincidences?

(1:08:25-1:14:50): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Bears will do anything to treat themselves, and is Spider-Man the devil? Buying a car is easy, almost as easy as printing your own money, and Turkey’s airlines are super sensitive. Meanwhile, we love America.

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The Common Good

July 17, 2019

The Common Good - 7/17/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:11): The FaceApp is the latest trend in photo apps in which you can change your age, see yourself with or without hair, and many more fun and interesting filters. However, is there a cost? Brian and Ian touch on their concern of security.

(09:11-18:57): People wear their headphones to avoid talking to other people. Is this a bad habit? Brian and Ian discuss this idea and admit to doing this themselves. It is so easy to engage with people in social and common spaces. 

(18:57-28:37): Clutter is a trigger for stress and anxiety. This article from Understanding Compassion lists several ways to avoid stress from clutter. Brian and Ian discuss how they deal with messes in their homes.

(28:37-37:49): Atlanta Turns 7 Acres Of Vacant Land Into The Largest Free Food Forest In The Country. Brian and Ian are wondering how we haven’t done more things like this before. They believe this should be more mainstream. 

(37:49-47:53): Author Natalie Brown is in studio to discuss her new book “52 Cups of Coffee: Weekly Reflections for the Contemplative Soul”. She talks about her call towards intentionality in devotion and how her personal devotions inspired to share her voice.

(47:53-57:48): Natalie sticks around to talk about who she wrote the book for. She wrote it for the person who wants to put more pizzazz in their relationship with God. The basis of her book is her blog posts “Thursday Thoughts”. 

(57:48-1:08:08): We are susceptible to anger today more than ever. The Gospel Coalition writes “How to Avoid Anger Overload in the Digital Age”. Brian and Ian touch on how we all are overstimulated with connections and how spending time in silence is not a bad thing.

(1:08:08-1:14:37): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: South Dakota’s newest rock climbing attraction is certainly a national treasure, and meth-gators are a possibility because Alabama exists. Snickers is definitely not the snack that smiles back, especially if you’re robbing a car. Meanwhile, don’t leave felons in a hot car and don’t slap people with boxes of frozen food.

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The Common Good

July 16, 2019

The Common Good - 7/16/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:33): A sorority donates 17,000 pounds of food for Hurricane Barry victims in Louisiana. Brian and Ian love a good, simple story about people giving and selflessly helping others; and you will too!

(09:33-19:06): Missio Alliance writes, “Have We Made Bible Study Too Simple?” Brian and Ian discuss the potential complacency of diving into the word. It takes work and intentional study to understand what the Bible is saying, and who it is written for. 

(19:06-28:42): Former MLB pitcher Dwight Gooden was arrested for cocaine possession. Brian reflects on Gooden as one of his childhood heroes, and how this story makes him feel. Why do we associate athletes as our heroes. 

(28:42-37:43): Pete Enns writies “Absolutely the Most Important Chapter in the Entire Bible.” He believes this chapter is the turning point and marker in the Bible that indicates Christ is for both Jews and Gentiles.

(37:43-48:26): Village Church staffer axed from graphics design conference after protestors oppose his religious views. Brian and Ian discuss this and how religious freedoms are being hit more and more in today’s society. 

(48:26-58:00): Christianity Today Editor and Reporter Kate Shellnutt joins the show to provide an update on the Amazon counterfeit scandal. Fake copies of Tish Harrison Warren’s book “Liturgy of the Ordinary” were sold directly by Amazon, not through a third party. 

(58:00-1:08:40): Is youth basketball ruining kids? Baxter Holmes writes “'These kids are ticking time bombs': The threat of youth basketball” in ESPN. Brian and Ian discuss the youth sports industry and how parents are spending way too much money on sports for their kids. 

(1:08:40-1:15:28): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Did you know that llamas have a good sense of direction? Also, if you don’t want to get caught for a crime, don’t wear and name tag. The luckiest baby in the world was born in Missouri, and DoorDash now offering their half(eaten) off deal. Meanwhile, Australian kids are way cooler than most kids.

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The Common Good

July 15, 2019

The Common Good - 7/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:53): Donald Trump tweeted over the weekend directed towards specific Democratic congresswomen of color, telling them to “go back to their countries”. Brian and Ian are disgusted with the nature and motive behind it.

(09:53-19:10): Eh...I’ll finish this later, or tomorrow. Brian and Ian talk procrastination and how it may not be related to time management issues, but rather it is related to emotional issues. They talk on a couple articles that discuss the relationship between anxiety and putting things off.

(19:10-28:18): What did we preach yesterday? Brian and Ian talk about their sermons on Sunday. Brian spoke on the concept of apathy, there is a drift and luke-warm middle ground to our faith. We combat that with “awe” of who God is and what he has done for us. Ian talked about church fights/quarrels. He touched on the tough topic of disagreements and reconciling with those in your congregation. 

(28:18-37:58): A Mississippi governor candidate told a reporter the only way she could shadow him would be if a male companion joined her. She responded with anger, calling him sexist, while he disagrees. We discuss the “Billy Graham rule” and trying to understand both sides of this story. 

(37:58-48:16): Smartphones, tablets causing mental health issues in kids as young as two. Brian and Ian reflect on this article as parents and discuss struggles with overuse of technology and screens. 

(48:16-58:32): Democratic and Republican people don’t seem to understand each other very well. Brian and Ian touch on how there are far less “extreme” political polarization than what is perceived by the majority. 

(58:32-1:08:49): Scott Sauls writes “Toward a Truer Christianity…Abandoning Us-Against-Them”. Brian and Ian discuss this compelling piece about nurturing environments in which people can openly disagree…but without the fear of being caricatured, labeled, or demonized.

(1:08:49-1:15:45): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: How petty can someone be? Find out how someone called the cops after being hit with a sandwich. A driverless golf cart decided to give itself a joyride, while Floria woman makes another appearance. Meanwhile, carbs are on the menu at a pizza joint in Jersey.

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The Common Good

July 12, 2019

The Common Good - 7/12/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:29): Samaritan’s Purse is taking action on the border as the crisis continues to grow. Brian and Ian touch on the response of Franklin Graham on how Christians are taking action rather than taking sides. 

(09:29-18:50): A GOP Representative says that ‘modern politics is in a partisan death spiral. Brian and Ian talk about the dangers of the two-party system and finding yourself in a tie between tolerance and reason, and being a decent Christian person. 

(18:50-28:10): Doctors are now prescribing music therapy to hyper-tension, ptsd, and even heart disease. Brian and Ian go over this list of ways the therapy is used and reflect on how music is working in their lives.

(28:10-37:09): “I Befriended Bart Ehrman by Debating Him” is an article about befriending someone who is wildly opposed to your outlook. Brian and Ian discuss the importance of expressing love to those who are on the other end of the spectrum politically, socially, religiously, etc. 

(37:09-47:27): Does God want our kids mowing the lawn? Brian and Ian touch on an article about building kids up and applauding the small steps in growth, as well as taking progress one day at a time to allow God to nurture your growth.  

(47:27-57:43): “I was a successful church planter, and it almost ruined me”. Brian and Ian discuss this article from Medium about burning yourself out in the midst of working. They also touch on the importance of focusing on the quality of your ministry, rather than focusing on putting up big “ministry numbers”.

(57:43-1:08:35): Our friend Mark Galli continues his essay series “The Elusive Presence” with his most recent entry “Whatever Happened to Communion and Baptism?”. Brian and Ian discuss tradition and liturgy in the church. 

(1:08:35-1:14:56): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: The library overdue book policy is not as strict as it needs to be, and what are three of the most unrelated things you can have in a car? Aliens…’nuff said, and Japan is LAUNCHING a much needed amenity in hotel rooms. Meanwhile, Willy Wonka takes New York.

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The Common Good

July 11, 2019

The Common Good - 7/11/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:27): The ESPY’s were on last night and the prestigious Jimmy V award was given to a paraplegic football coach named Rob Mendez. Brian and Ian reflect on his speech and how he overcame adversity and pushed it aside to follow his dreams. 

(09:27-18:56): ‘Sharing the Gospel’ has been the catch-phrase of evangelical christians in America. Is it time to do away with the phrase? Brian and Ian believe that it isn’t splitting hairs, but it is important to reanalyze the way we behave as evangelists. 

(18:56-28:20): How the controversy around a Christian bestseller engulfed the evangelical publishing industry—and tore a family apart. A boy said he went to heaven and back and redacted the statement. Brian and Ian discuss their doubts and concerns about the “Heaven Tourism” books.

(28:20-37:17): It is important to listen to an opposing side of an argument, even if it is wrong. Brian and Ian discuss this article by Karen Swallow Prior about different theological perspectives and how people apply the gospel to their own lives.

(37:17-47:16): Entitled millennials aren’t killing the church, entitled churches are. This provocative statement comes from a Baptist News Global article. Brian and Ian discuss the idea of entitlement and reflect on how we are all entitled to God’s love and grace.

(47:16-57:47): Matt Rogers writes “We should empower all of God’s people to dream as missionaries again.” This article touches on the lack of missionary impulses in American Christianity. Brian and Ian discuss their thoughts on mission and what our purpose is. 

(57:47-1:08:39): A group of kids in Atlanta decided to take action and raise money for kids being detained on the border. They did not expect their efforts to draw so much money or attention and they ended up raising $13,000. 

(1:08:39-1:15:05) Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: An animal shelter needs to reiterate their “no shoes, no shirt, no service” policy, while Mississippi drivers Budweiser is now releasing child safety seats and if you dance with Mary Jane you get your toes stepped on. Meanwhile, the new roof-top pool feature on minivans is taking the state by storm.

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The Common Good

July 10, 2019

The Common Good - 7/10/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:13): Tish Warren’s book “Liturgy of the Ordinary” was targeted by a major counterfeiting scheme. Amazon sold over $200K worth of the counterfeits. Brian and Ian discuss the issue with scams and how Warren suffered as a result.

(09:13-19:13): What does christianity say about politics? We talked about Five Insights Christianity Brings to Politics.

(19:13-29:47): We need more stories about the labor that sustains society, a group of scholars say. Brian and Ian touch on this article that reminds us that those who keep things going, rather than invent new things, are the true backbone to creative culture. 

(29:47-39:22): Tennessee bans online ordination and is causing a spur in religious freedom discussion. Brian and Ian reflect on this story and how people are having just anyone officiate their weddings (friends, co-workers, etc.).

(39:22-50:43): It is important to make eye contact with the homeless. Our living conditions, or lack thereof, does not change our humanity or dehumanize us. Ian shares his experience with living homeless for a week and explains what he saw from that perspective.

(50:43-1:00:30): For many evangelical Christians, there is no political figure whom they have loved more than Donald Trump. Brian and Ian, as they have many times before, express the dangers of associating yourself into a political standpoint as a Christian. 

(1:00:30-1:09:48): Scott Sauls posts a blog frequently and a recent post “Toward a Truer Christianity…Abandoning Us-Against-Them”. Brian and Ian discuss this article and denounce the idea that we should be un-agreeable to those we don’t share similar ideas. 

(1:09:48-1:17:05): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: A new species of aquatic possum appears in Michigan, and people are perplexed by precipitant planes protruding party. I’m tired of these snakes and no one’s Instagram story is safe! Meanwhile, explosive pig makes himself known. 

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The Common Good

July 9, 2019

The Common Good - 7/9/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:02): How do we converse as Christians? Brian and Ian talk about an article from Open Culture that references Daniel Dennett. The article discusses arguing with care and having critical conversations with the purpose of listening, rather than being right. 

(09:02-18:31): Tragic news out of California: Pastor who fatally shot himself would sometimes stop taking medication, megachurch leader reveals. Brian and Ian touch on the tough topic of mental illness and how it is not foreign to anyone. The church needs to tackle issues like this because they affect everyone. 

(18:31-27:38): What makes you cry? Brian and Ian talk about things in life, anything, that start the water works for them. Military parents or family members coming home, movies, you name it. 

(27:48-36:48): President Donald Trump made a speech during the Fourth of July in DC. In the speech he mentioned that the military ‘took over the airports’ in the Revolutionary War. Brian and Ian discuss how Trump responded to it and how we react to mistakes and how to own them. 

(36:48-47:25): In the wake of Disney Channel Star Cameron Boyce’s death, Brian and Ian discuss the delicacy and fragility of life. It is uncertain, and if we knew we were going to die tomorrow, would we act differently?

(47:25-57:55): Robert Jeffress is known for provocative quotes and this one is not an exception: 2020 Dems appeal to an 'imaginary god created in their own minds’. Brian and Ian react to this premise and talk about creating gods in our own minds. 

(57:55-1:07:29): Running with the bulls in Spain is an annual event in which participants run through the streets with a herd of angry bulls. Ian would…..Brian would NOT! 

(1:07:29-1:15:05): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: It’s like Old Yeller had a happy in Ohio and if a turtle can stop a car, it can certainly stop an airplane. Driving with siblings can be a hassle and Bob Marley backpack comes with free paraphernalia. Meanwhile, a new species of Sea Gull discovered called “The Curry Gull”.

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The Common Good

July 8, 2019

The Common Good - 7/8/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:28): The US women’s soccer team won the world cup! Brian and Ian touch on the narrative of the ungrateful American. Brian and Ian defend the right to protest. However, they also touch on representing your country in a respectful manner. 

(09:28-18:44): “Christianity Shouldn’t Be Infused With Politics—It Is a Politic”. Brian and Ian discuss this Patheos article that touches on how Christianity shouldn't simply fit into your political outlook, it should be the lens by which we make ALL of these decisions. 

(18:44-27:55): Brian and Ian share their Fourth of July experiences, including Brian’s near-death experience!! They also touch on what they preached on Sunday. Ian’s sermon was “The World’s Gone Mad”, about how American’s are angrier than they ever have been. 

(27:55-37:19): Apologist Norman Geisler, Who Didn’t Have ‘Enough Faith to Be an Atheist’ died at age 86. He was described as being a cross between Thomas Aquinas and Billy Graham. Brian and Ian reflect on Geisler’s life and legacy. 

(37:19-47:58): Editor in Chief of Christianity Today Mark Galli joins the show to discuss his essay series titled “The Elusive Presence”. He hits on the points of reanalyzing American Christianity and what our purpose in the world is. What is the mission and purpose of the Christian?

(47:58-57:46): Mark sticks around for another segment to discuss his thoughts on the future of Christianity and how he is hopeful of its future. Whether that takes a decade, or a century, he believes Christianity will prevail. 

(57:46-1:08:27): Mark stays for yet another few minutes to talk about his new article “The Temptations of Evangelical Worship”. The article touches on how modern worship seems to stray away from the commandments. “It is not about manufacturing positive religious feelings”

(1:08:27-1:14:47): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Bears, beats, not driving...and Florida is a bottomless pit of amazing and weird stories. Englishman invites nurses to relax, chill, and eat some cake. Meanwhile, a traffic jam jams a heist job in Australia and if you want to find a stolen car...just tell ‘em you got a kid!

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The Common Good

July 2, 2019

The Common Good - 7/3/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:12): A car dealer in Alabama is giving away free Bibles, flags and guns with the purchase of a vehicle. Brian and Ian discuss this and point out several repercussions to this nonchalant use of freedoms. Should the glorification of guns be so prevalent in society?

(09:12-18:42): School in Baltimore replaces detention with meditation. Does this work? An article from Truth Theory says yes. Brian and Ian discuss discipline of the mind and how calming and resting could result in a more courteous spirit. 

(18:42-27:55): Lawmakers introduce bill to make adoption more affordable. Foster homes are overflowing in this nation and this bill could help. Brian and Ian discuss this and talk about organizations that their church partner with who help foster families and help kids find a permanent home. 

(27:55-37:17): A twitter post by Leonard Sweet presents startling statistics that the percentage of regular church-goers has dropped. Brian and Ian discuss the data and reflect on their own churches’ membership and whether or not regularly attending church is the norm today. 

(37:17-47:34): Do we need to re-imagine evangelism? Ed Stetzer writes about his take on different and new approaches to those we witness to. Brian and Ian discuss how people view evangelists and how they encounter those who they want to talk to.

(47:34-58:10): Why does Hillsong appeal to communist-centered Budapest, as well as Post-Church Seattle? Brian and Ian touch on the theology of worship and how we need to be cautious about losing focus and using worship for capital gain. 

(58:10-1:07:56): Are parents taking ‘parenting’ too far? There are so many challenges raising kids poses and Brian and Ian dive deeper into this article from Fatherly. As fathers, both seasoned and rookie, they share their experiences with over-parenting.

(1:07:56-1:14:10): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Religious leaders exuding toxic masculinity? Shocker...but we also must SAVE THE TURTLES! It turns out that even Mets employees don’t care about the team...and Taco Bell is getting a whole lot spicier. Meanwhile, the statute of limitations are irrelevant if this woman can testify beyond the grave.

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The Common Good

July 1, 2019

The Common Good - 7/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-10:13): Amidst the issues and disputes on the border of Mexico, Christians are torn between political and human conflicts. Brian and Ian touch on several articles that give light to Christian leader helping solve issues.

(10:13-19:41): Film and Media Creators Gavin and Layne Buckland join the show to discuss passion projects and how to properly and responsibly invest in hobbies. They explain how they balance pursuing projects and the rest of their financial lives.

(19:41-29:17): Gavin and Layne stick around to talk about their project called “Debt Life” and they touch on Stranger Things: Season 3. He explains that nostalgia plays a huge role in creativity and why so many “remakes” are popping up.

(29:17-38:21): The Walkman is 40-years-old! Brian and Ian reminisce the pioneering music player and reflect on how the way we listen to music has changed and evolved over the years. 

(38:21-48:49): Is a 40-hour work week detrimental to your health? A BizNews article explains how work pounds an older body. Brian and Ian touch on this and reflect as pastors and how sabbatical is important for their overall health.  

(48:49-59:26): Why is life on mission is more than just service projects? Brian and Ian discuss this article from Gravity Leadership. How do we express the mission of the church rather than just performing favors to others?

(59:26-1:09:39): What did we preach yesterday? Brian and Ian summarize their sermons from yesterday. Brian talked about Psalm 23 and how before living in the house of the Lord is difficult. Ian’s sermon tackled immigration, incarceration, and other hot button issues. 

(1:09:39-1:16:15): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Does Hallmark sell birthday cards for asphalt, and is Wal-Mart having a half-off sale on half-eaten cake? Anyway, Wendy’s considers being open 24/7 since customers can’t seem to be able to stay away. Meanwhile, hit the jackpot at a casino by hitting the floor and do NOT eat cursed wedding trout.

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The Common Good

June 28, 2019

The Common Good - 6/28/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:02): The Democratic National debate happened this week and Brian and Ian discuss it. Numerous issues were touched on, including abortion and LGBTQ rights. 

(09:02-18:23): Steve Zhou writes “What Psychology Offers Christians Amid Political Polarization” in Christianity Today. Brian and Ian discuss the premise of being politically homeless and how tensions have risen within the church when it comes to political preference. 

(18:23-27:58): Joanie DeBrito, Director of Parenting at Focus on the Family, joins the show to discuss an article describing a 7-year-old actress from Avengers: End Game experiencing cyberbullying. She dives into this issue that strickens the nation in the age of social media and how to diffuse the bullying behavior and what to do if you are a victim.

(27:58-38:02): Matt Chandler is the pastor of Village Church took the ministry world by the horns. Steve Bezner writes about being Chandler’s roommate. It is a story about how Chandler made a name for himself at school and how the author reacted to his success. Brian and Ian discuss their own insecurities in the spirit and how they overcome them. POST THIS

(38:02-48:34): In an interview with CBS, Carrie Underwood describes trusting God through loss and desperation. Brian and Ian touch on how lamenting is still prayer and God urges us to cast our cares and pain on him. He just wants to know us. 

(48:34-59:00): Cross Cultural Worker Erik Disch is in studio to talk about his life in the mission field as well as raising a family there. He shares his story of how he ended up in India as opposed to other places and describes God’s blessing there.

(58:00-1:09:15): Erik sticks around for another segment to talk about the difficulties of the culture clash between growing up in the US and moving lives to a different region of the world. He also talks about the decision to change from India to Indonesia. 

(1:09:15-1:15:25): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: You will love this cafe to death, all while bugs are dying in explosive homes. Bears, beats, the Colorado authorities, but nude cyclists do not...Meanwhile...aliens.

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The Common Good

June 27, 2019

The Common Good - 6/27/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:32): In an article by The Happy Givers, there is an important distinction between guiding and leading, and controlling. Control can be categorized as an addiction and Brian and Ian touch on how convicting it is as a leader. 

(09:32-19:15): In the wake of the Eric Warren trials in Arizona, Brian McLaren writes an opinion piece questioning whether or not it is Christian to aid migrants. Brian and Ian compare the situation to the parable of the good Samaritan Jesus told. How are we to interact with the growing issue of immigration?

(19:15-28:59): Suicide rates for young Americans are at their highest since 2000. In a new study, the rates seem to spike in the last 5 years. Brian and Ian look at the stats and try and understand why this is. What are the possible preventative measures?

(28:59-38:09) We all remember our parents reading us stories and experiencing the wonder of imagination. What is actually going on in children’s brain while parents read to them? Brian and Ian touch on an NPR article that took a deeper dive into the physiology of the brain when being read to. 

(38:09-49:05): It is a tough climate currently in American society as the battle for religious freedom continues to ring. Brian and Ian touch on this article from Christian Headlines, covering an opposition to a WWI memorial with a cross on it. Is it ok for crosses to be on public monuments? 

(49:05-58:29): Why do you need low-stakes casual friendships? Brian and Ian discuss their experiences in these kind of relationships, and how a shift in attitude can help engage in low-risk interactions. 

(58:29-1:09:02): Is the ordinary church necessary for the gospel to be spread? Brian Zahnd writes this piece on his website that differentiates between the Kingdom of God and the Church. 

(1:09:02-1:15:09): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Tide now introducing cat-friendly detergent while socialism takes over the lottery industry. THE BLOB IS TAKING OVER JAPAN RAILWAYS and there are bears in Montana. Meanwhile, Buffalo Wild Wings are serving up rats.

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The Common Good

June 26, 2019

The Common Good - 6/26/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-10:23): Brian returns!! He and Ian talk about vacationing in California and reflect on spending time with family in new places. Brian also shares a story about two evangelists who approached him at Lake Tahoe. 

(10:23-20:37) People are flocking to the internet for their worship and ministry, so online pastors are on the rise. Brian and Ian touch on this and the ever changing culture in the midst of the technological revolution. Ian touched on this topic at the Amplified Conference. 

(20:37-30:05): Ian tells us about his experience speaking at the Amplified Conference. He touched on how technology is shaping us, and how it isn’t a good or bad thing, but it isn’t neutral. How we use it, or control it, is a reflection of our character.

(30:05-38:58): Russell Moore writes about the vastness of the universe and how we as Christians reflect on it. Does it make us feel small? Brian and Ian tackle this topic and explain how wonder and God’s design are most evident in the small things.

(38:59-49:18): Russell Moore was criticized in a tweet from Jerry Fallwell Jr. the other day for defending the Immigrants being held on the border. Brian and Ian touch on this situation and ponder whether or not this kind of behavior is appropriate for Christian leaders.

(49:18-59:50): America’s Most Educated, Engaged Citizens Are Making Politics Worse. Brian and Ian touch on the dangers of political infatuation from a religious perspective. Is there anything wrong with having political opinions as a Christian? How do we view the political opposition?

(59:50-1:10:16): Pastor Jim Scudder of Quentin Road Baptist Road joins the show, and discusses the Grace Conference at the church in Lake Zurich. It is an event that includes both spiritual and actual food for anyone to indulge in.

(1:10:16-1:16:57): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Bears on unicycles hold man hostage in Russia while the Pennsylvania Dundee kicks some cobra butt. GPS systems are malfunctioning all over the place. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that this is ‘Murica, and you can have as many guns, flags, bibles, and fireworks as you well please!

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The Common Good

June 25, 2019

The Common Good - 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:02): Louis Dooley joins Ian to tell his amazing story in prison and coming to Christ in custody. He shares his experience on his first day in prison on how a mission of murder turned into turning to Christ.

(09:02-18:06): Louis dives deeper into his first day in prison and how a simple track led him to come to Christ. He said he had only heard of Jesus through the Latter Day Saints commercials. He also goes into the miraculous story of getting out of prison. 

(18:06-27:03): He stays and talks about his ministries and outreach to prisons all over the country. There are programs that teach inmates the bible and emphasize discipleship in prisons. 

(27:03-36:08): Louis closes out the hour with a call to action for those to get involved in prison ministry. There is a need for volunteers at Cook County Jail and the Juvenile Detention Center in Warrenville. He is spearheading bible studies in the maximum security divisions.

(36:08-45:23): Judson University President Gene Crume joins Ian in studio to talk about his role at the school and enjoying what he does. He expresses the value of community JU endorses and how resilient and nurturing the environment is. 

(45:23-54:19): Gene dives into the unusual leadership ability of “Weird” Al Yankovic. He and Ian discuss the unwavering positivity of Yankovic and his drive to follow his dreams and passions. Yankovic was never disparaging to those who turned him down. 

(54:19-1:03:32): Gene and Ian share their relationship a bit and touch on missions. Gene mentions that his philosophy in leadership is about surrender. He explains that most of the time the mentality missionaries have going into a mission field is to fix something, but it is quite the contrary. 

(1:03:32-1:12:36): Gene closes out the show talking about mascots! Judson is looking to be the first collegiate partner of the National Mascot Hall of Fame. Ian shares his experiences on campus at JU and appreciates the diverse array of leaders on staff who help cultivate an environment of inspiration.

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The Common Good

June 24, 2019

The Common Good - 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:13): Bishop Dr. Michael Love, of Trinity Baptist Community Church International in Crystal Lake, joins Ian in studio to discuss his organization and the beginnings of BCCI and where he found his passion for the mission of the church. 

(09:13-18:35): Dr. Love sticks around to talk about community and treading the “tumultuous waters of disagreement.” He believes it is important to enter a conversation aiming to find common ground and coming together through disagreement, rather than separating. 

(18:35-27:50): He stays to talk about his educational background and his relationship with his wife. He went to Judson University in Elgin and expresses his appreciation for JU’s emphasis on Kingdom expansion and collaboration. 

(27:50-37:09): Dr. Love rounds off the hour with Ian. He dives deeper into the faith and necessary risks he took with his church. He highlights the importance of faith and fellowship for financial implications. 

(37:09-46:50): Author Aubrey Sampson joins Ian in studio for the second half of the show today. She discusses her first book “Overcomer” and the difficulty translating experiences into a narrative. 

(46:50-56:16): Aubrey dives a bit deeper into her latest book "The Louder Song" and the basis of its inspiration: Lament. Her and Ian discuss the importance of lamenting and casting your cares on the Lord. Why do you think God allows pain and suffering?

(56:16-1:05:39): She sticks around to talk about her preaching history and how she brings up lamenting regularly. She also touches on the tough climate of being a woman preacher today. She expresses her appreciation for support from men and women of faith. 

(1:05:39-1:13:53): Aubrey closes out the show talking about her writing process and finding peace in her writing. She expresses the challenges of being a women leader and how she tears down walls and exemplifies women of leadership in the Bible.

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The Common Good

June 21, 2019

The Common Good - 6/21/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:24): Musician Josh Calhoun joins Ian in studio to feature new music! He shares his musical history and family ties with the tunes. He starts out with a song he wrote for his oldest daughter, and says she opened his eyes to the importance of family.

(09:24-18:38): Josh Calhoun sticks around to serenade us with more of his music. His song “What Love is This” describes his appreciation for Jesus’ love and the life he led.

(18:38-28:00): Josh takes time to tell us about his role at his church in Beloit. He is the music coordinator and arts director which allows him to work in music full time, while spending quality time with and raising a family. He also plays his song “Jesus Leading Me” which describes his reliance on Christ to overcome everything.

(28:00-38:01): Josh closes out the hour to tell us more about his church in Beloit called Central Christian Church. He gives us a final taste of his new album with “This is What I Know”.

(38:01-48:57): Julie Roys joins Ian in studio to discuss her new show on AM 1160. The show is called “The Roys Report”. She emphasizes the importance of conversing with those with opposing viewpoints.

(48:57-58:25): Community Pastor Ted Coniaris of Christian Community Church in Downers Grove joins Ian for the rest of the show. He talks about his role in planting new churches.

(58:25-1:08:04): Ted Coniaris sticks around to discuss balance of life, help, community, and taking a break in leadership. He also discusses differentiating seasons and patterns while maintaining a presence in the church community.

(1:08:04-1:17:08): Ted closes out the show and talks about the Grove Fest. Christian Community holds an event, which is basically a church service in the center of the event. He also discusses his role in his community, throwing parties, helping people make meaningful connections, and so forth.

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The Common Good

June 20, 2019

The Common Good - 6/20/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:16): Pastor Michael Fuelling joins Ian in studio to fill in for Brian today. Michael happens to be a long-time friend of Ian’s from childhood He discusses his experiences with leading Village Church and generational differences within his congregation as well as his community.

(09:16-19:28): DC Talk announced that they are touring again as they reemerge after almost two decades. Brian and Michael discuss the impact of the Christian rock giants on youth culture back in their day. Naturally, more memories of their childhood arise.

(19:28-29:00): Michael talks about his podcast platform and the success he has had. He talks about routines he’s started since the beginning of the year, one of them including no caffeine on Sunday mornings.

(29:00-37:03): Michael sticks around for one for segment to how charisma and intelligence apply to leading. Ian insists that Michael is “ten times” more intelligent, but Michael thinks that Ian exudes more charisma. They also briefly discuss the BCCI, an outreach program out of Village Church in Bartlett to help the homeless.

(37:03-46:09): Ian’s mother-in-law, Marian Alvarado, joins the show for the second half to share her amazing testimony. She describes how the Spirit moved in the women’s bible group she joined and how it transformed her view of how God worked in her life. She then describes the amazing story of how God immediately healed her son as she cried out to God to take control.

(46:09-55:29): Marian Alvarado stays to talk about her experience losing a child. She shares her painful story of living with tragedy and how baking a cake led to her serving in the homeless shelter.

(55:29-1:05:31): She continues her story and shares how it pans out. The residents of the shelter expressed a kind of love for her that she had never felt before. She talks about how she related to them and how they poured out love in such a Godly and selfless way.

(1:05:31-1:14:16): Marian stays for the final segment to talk about her ministry named after her son, Timothy’s Ministry. Timothy's Ministry has been dedicated to reaching out with love and compassion to people struggling with homelessness.

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The Common Good

June 19, 2019

The Common Good - 6/19/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-:09:27): What do you do with a crappy pastor? Do you get rid of them, pray for them, both? Brian and Ian touch on this tongue-in-cheek article from David L Hansen. It touches, in a humorous way, the manner of which a congregation ought to encourage and build up their leaders even if it seems hopeless.

(09:27-19:04): A Tennessee detective gave a sermon with hyperbolic and homophobic references, some insisting that “homos be put to death”. Brian and Ian listen to a part of his sermon and react to it. As Christians, how do you respond to those who preach in this manner? How do you defend the faith in spite of this?

(19:04-28:37): “For years I pushed for growth, and it nearly pushed me out of the ministry.” Brian and Ian mull over this article from Karl Vaters, who says he is “pushing for church health”. There are elements of the church aimed for growth, but are they healthy?

(28:37-37:40): My church came together to pay off everyone’s debt. This congregation took the idea of community and put it to practice. Brian and Ian discuss the details behind this article and express how amazing the creativity of this church is.

(37:40-48:22): Is it redundant to interpret inerrant text from the Bible? A tweet from Brian Zahnd says yes. Brian and Ian discuss the importance of reading the Bible as truth, and also embracing the hard work of studying the Bible.

(48:22-59:01): Are you struggling to find love? There is an online dating boot camp conducted by ‘dating stylists’. Brian and Ian respond to the fact that this exists and why it may be a good thing, contrary to belief.

(59:01-1:09:23): Have kids? Know kids? Yeah, we know how toddlers kids. But are they worse when their moms are around? An article from simple most says that they tend to act out when around their mothers and Brian and Ian can attest to this as fathers. Do you agree with the article?

(1:09:23-1:15:57): Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: You’ve heard of snakes on a plane, but what about ants???? Also, even illegitimate fathers get some “love” on Father's Day, but not everyone is happy about it. Is Pizza Hut in the UK called Pizza Palace? Find out with Brian and Ian, also don’t be Daffy when door dashing a delivery. Don’t let that distract you from moose tracks pizza in Maine.

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The Common Good

June 18, 2019

The Common Good - 6/18/2019 12:00:00 AM

(00:00-09:39): Amazing story out of India: 26 girls save from sex trafficking from a tweet. The woman trusted her gut and tweeted that the girls are “crying and feeling insecure”. Brian and Ian discuss this incredible story and dive deeper into the power of social media.

(09:39-18:45): Brian and Ian are thrilled that Author Rick Richardson stopped by to talk about his new book “You Found Me: New Research on How Unchurched Nones, Millennials, and Irreligious Are Surprisingly Open to Christian Faith”. He shares his testimony and history of teaching at Wheaton College.

(18:45-27:57): Rick Richardson sticks around for more discussion on his book. He, along with Brian and Ian, touch on how people are open to the Christian faith but don’t like how Christians approach them.

(27:57-37:00): Rick Richardson stays for yet another segment because Ian can’t get enough of his inspiring thoughts. This segment, Rick brings up his encounters with the gay community and how to establish trust and express love to everyone.

(37:00-47:37): The son of one of the victims of the 2015 Emmanuel Church Massacre in South Carolina speaks out and says he forgives the shooter. Brian and Ian discuss this Christian Post article and the power of forgiveness, even of those who commit such heinous crimes.

(47:37-57:18): Cindi Boston of Crisis Pregnancy Centers joins the show to discuss the option line offered. It is a fact that women use the CPC option line every 45 seconds for help. Brian and Ian, along with Cindy, emphasize the importance of this option, and urge listeners for help.

(57:18-1:08:20): A recent study shows that helping people is good for your mental health. Brian and Ian emphasize this idea, and explain that it isn’t just biblical, it is beneficial to oxytocin levels in your brain.

(1:08:20-1:14:35) Brian and Ian’s “Weird Stuff We Found on the Internet”: Man becomes first cat to become regional minister in Pakistan, and please call JULIE before you call a nuclear bunker. Also, dogs enjoy meat and air conditioning and lizards apparently don’t show up on airport bag screeners. Meanwhile the 737 fiasco isn’t limited to the planes themselves.

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