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I Beg Your Pardon

This is not an indictment. This is a statement of conviction that I found myself heavy under this morning and had to repent to free myself of its weight. What are we doing, Church?

The Day After Easter

What will you do with this Risen Lord? When the songs have been sung, the dress has been worn, and nothing is left of Easter but wilting lilies and foil wrappers… what comes next?

Come Down From That Cross

Tell me you don’t understand Christology or soteriology without telling me… never mind. You don’t understand Jesus or salvation if you think social justice equates to Christ on the cross.

The Beautiful Gait

The Name of Christ changed my life, from heel to heart, to habits. Nothing will ever be the same, I carry the testimony of the lame— who’s now able to walk in HIS victory.

The Good Grace of Good Friday

Little did I know today, As I walked this long and dusty road; That as I hung upon a dreadful cross, I’d play a most important role…

Obedience. Aint’t it Grand?

Now, I know my stands of flowers aren’t exactly Isaac on the altar and we shouldn’t pretend they are. The purpose of this post is not piety or admiration, it’s illustration and education.

Last Place Winners

Do you know why the Bible says, “My flesh and heart may fail… BUT God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever?”

Faith, Fire… and Football?

Damar Hamlin, stopped and starting hearts… miracles on football fields should look like harvests in spiritual fields. What will we do with this miracle?

Bless the Patriarchy

The idea that patriarchy is inherently bad and must be leveled is a lie from the enemy, intended to destabilize society, deconstruct the family and diminish men.

The HSL Guide to Halloween II

You, Believer, can equip others with hope and courage in the form of answers, truth, and scripts that can encourage today and empower tomorrow, whatever battle tomorrow brings. 

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