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Notes From The Road - Dream Big

On my way to Liberty International Airport (Newark) the other day I saw a saying painted in the side of a building. The large quote read: “America is too big for small dreams”. It was clearly painted in black paint on the side of a white painted building and President Ronald Reagan was credited. It stuck with me. I wrote it down in my notes. While I was on my flight, I looked it up. While I don’t know the first time he uttered this remarkable quote, I do know President Reagan included this quote in his 1981 inaugural address to the nation. I have been guided by that sentiment my whole life, I just never knew Ronald Reagan said it. I share this because I want you to dream big about vacation or anything else for that matter. America is too big for you to feel like you can’t have/be/do anything your imagination can dream. Try some bigger dreams on for size and if you're already there, then dream BIGGER! Have a fantastic week!



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