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Creation Truth Conference

The Saturday conference (and the Friday debate) deal with whether we should take Genesis chapters 1-4 literally and simply as they were originally understood, or whether we should attempt to meld the Scripture's account of creation with evolutionism. Schedule: 8 am – Doors Open for registration. Free coffee and water available. 9 am – Dr. Marcus Ross - “How Fossils Affirm a Worldwide Flood” 10 am – Dr. John Baumgardner - “How Geology Affirms a Worldwide Flood” 11:15 am – Breakout Sessions - 3 to choose from 12:30 pm – Lunch / Resource table open 1:30 pm – Dr. Danny Faulkner - “How Astronomy Affirms a Young Creation” 2:45 pm – Breakout Sessions - 3 to choose from 4:00 pm – Panel Discussion and Group Q & A 5:00 pm – close of conference Downloadable info, with breakout session topics:


Olson Chapel, Trinity International University
2065 Half Day Road
Bannockburn, IL 60015
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