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What Should We Think about 'The Genealogical Adam & Eve?' [I.e., how literally should we take Genesis chapters 1-4]

The Friday debate (and the Saturday conference) deal with whether we should take Genesis chapters 1-4 literally and simply as they were originally understood, or whether we should attempt to meld the Scripture's account of creation with evolutionism. Dr. Joshua Swamidass' book 'The Genealogical Adam and Eve' proposes that the Earth is really billions of years old, but that Adam and Eve were real, and were specially created, were placed in the Garden of Eden, but were physically identical with many *preexisting evolved humans* outside the Garden, with whom their descendants married; that over many succeeding generations, their unique spiritual qualities were somehow transmitted to the rest of the biological human race, but their actual DNA was dissipated among their descendants and likely doesn't exist in the human race today. Dr. Ross will defend the view that Genesis is intended to be taken literally, a literal interpretation is not contrary to science, attempting to meld the Bible's creation account with evolutionism is logically impossible, and it destroys the reason for Christ's death as the Second Adam Who was needed, and able, to redeem humanity because we are descended from Adam and Eve.


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