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Brian and Ian are both pastors here in Chicagoland. They met through our radio station and were each hosting separate weekend shows when they felt led to begin working together on the project that has now become “The Common Good.” To hear Brian and Ian discuss their vision for this show, please click play on the video above.

Their ongoing experiences as pastors “in the trenches” of ministry will provide an authentic and relevant perspective to the many issues they discuss on the air with their listeners.

Brian is the lead and founding pastor of Four Corners Community Church in Darien, IL, where he has served since 2010. Previously, he served as adult ministries pastor and the student ministries pastor at Glen Ellyn Bible Church in Glen Ellyn, IL. Brian is a graduate of Wheaton College, where he earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Brian and his wife Carrie have three children.

Ian is the teaching pastor at Community Christian Church’s Naperville, IL campus. Prior to that, he served as the lead pastor at Poplar Creek Church in Bartlett, IL. Ian is a graduate of Judson University in Elgin, IL and is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity degree through Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Tennessee.  Ian and his wife, Katie have two young sons.

“As a pastor, I keep hearing from the people in my church that they don’t even know how to start conversations with others that might think differently from them,” Ian shared. “I want to create a place where our listeners can join us in hard conversations about real issues that affect all of us. We want to help people wrestle with those issues and learn to follow Jesus in every area of their lives.”

“The idea of ‘the common good’ has a rich history within the Christian church,” Brian said. “When we, as Christians, pursue Jesus in our lives and in the lives of others, we fulfill God’s purposes for His creation. That’s exciting for us. It means rolling up our sleeves and getting into the messy places of life – parenting, finances, politics – with our listeners and asking questions about what God intends for us, as individuals, and then helping people think through how to get there.”

“We want to think about ‘the common good’ as a place to start conversations, not end them,” Ian added. “Behind so many of the arguments that we as Christians have with one another or with non-believers are deep, fundamental questions that all of us ask. We want to help people sit with those questions and explore them as followers of Jesus and get to the core of what they really mean.”

Brian, Ian, and all of us look forward to continuing and deepening our partnership with you in 2019, and as they arise, we welcome the opportunities to further spotlight the work of your ministry on the air with Brian and Ian in the weeks and months to come. Please continue to lift up WYLL and this new venture in prayer. We are confident that the Lord has big plans for AM 1160 in 2019, and we are eager to see what’s in store. Thanks again for your continued partnership with WYLL.


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