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Why Sinners Are in the Hands of a Loving God

Today, people don’t want to talk about God’s judgment for those who reject Christ. On the surface, it doesn’t sound like love to them. They can’t imagine their domesticated savior, meek and mild, pouring out wrath on the earth. Yet the Bible is clear – it is this same pure and humble Son of God who will exact judgment.

5 Ways Jesus Said "I Love You" with His Life

Jesus said “I Love You” with his life by showing up for all of us and giving us hope for our messy lives. He left His throne to come to earth and save us from our miserable selves. It’s through His life and presence in our hearts that we can learn to love ourselves and others.

6 Things to Do When You've Been Hurt by the Church

I have experienced being hurt in the church. I have felt disillusioned and have wondered if I even want to walk back through the church doors. Thankfully, God has faithfully taught me several things that have kept me from completely giving up. I offer them to you with the hope that they will help you work through any confusion or hurt you might be facing.

Scripture to Overcome Codependency and Trust God

As you pray, write, or seek verses like these; imagine what your life would look like if you actually lived this way from your heart. Here are 11 areas where scripture provides freedom from codependent tendencies and invites you to trust God instead.

6 Powerful Rewards of Waiting with God

Waiting can be a long and painful fact of life, and nobody gets a lifetime pass to the front of the line.But God wants to do something unique in my heart and in yours, and the process gives him fertile ground to do important work in our hearts, our relationships, and our very lives while we wait for the time to come.

10 Biblical Ways to Make Disagreements More Agreeable

Believers are called to live in peace with one another, whatever it takes to achieve it. Often seeing things through someone else’s view gives us a new perspective. Here are 10 Biblical ways to make your disagreements more agreeable.

Is Cursing Really That Big of a Sin?

We all will justify our words when it comes to cursing. However, what seems like inconsequential words are actually sins, creating gateways for further, more dangerous sins to be committed.


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