What Does the Bible Say about Dating?

The concept of dating is one of the most widely remarked upon and questioned aspects of a Christian walk. Much of the questioning comes from the modern forms of dating as compared to the contextual traditions of biblical times. Although some biblical testimonies of marriage are culturally different than today, the Bible is relevant in providing foundational pieces of truth for a Godly marriage.

10 Biblical Tips for Making the Best Use of Time

Over a hundred years ago, the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon reminded Christians, “Time is short. Eternity is long. It is only reasonable that this short life be lived in the light of eternity.” These words remain true as ever for Christ-followers alive today.

10 Lies People Believe about Purity

Rather than persevering in the lies Satan whispers to us about purity, we must persevere in the spiritual disciplines that can enable us to stand before God in holiness.

Single Christians Need Intimacy Too

To move from a place of familiarity to intimacy means breaking down walls, and we can do that with any sort of relationship. We can seek a deeper, truer relationship with friends, family, or your spouse. That sort of vulnerability creates a deeper bond between people. It is to be truly known and loved by another, and it is as essential for single people as it is for married couples.

Could You Be Caught in a Toxic Relationship?

When it comes to matters of the heart, we are especially vulnerable. Just like God-sent, God-meant relationships can bring us much joy and happiness, devil-sent, devil-meant relationships have the potential to bring intense and lasting pain into our lives. Thankfully, God has given us all the direction we need in His Word to determine in the early stages whether a relationship is God-sent or hell bent.


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