10 Prayers Your Adult Children Need You to Pray

Our role as parent never ends. The job description changes, but the job is never done. In today's world, our adult children face trials and obstacles unimagined when we were young adults. Our grown children need us to pray for them. We need to pray for their plans, wisdom, and protection. Here are ten prayers your grown children need you to pray:

How to Help Your Teen Avoid Student Loan Debt

Your teen might think a budget for all their monthly expenses is limiting, but it will actually help them feel more freedom in the long run. And budgeting will help them save up for college while they’re still in high school and don’t have to pay a bunch of bills to pay.

4 Ways to Stay Strong When Your Child Is Struggling

It is undeniably hard to watch your child struggle. While you can’t always change the situation, here are a few choices that you can make that will help you stay strong in the battle and avoid crumbling under the pressure.

10 Reasons Your Grandkids Need You Just as Much as Their Parents

Nineteen years ago, our daughter died. This left a five-year-old girl and a seven-month-old boy motherless. Papa and I became instant parents and grandparents. In my experience of raising my grandchildren, I have found that my generation has much to offer our children and grandchildren as they navigate this world, helping them fulfill God’s plan for their lives. 

How to See the Soul of Your Teen

When we recognize our is in an eternal being created by God, for God, in God’s image, and fully known and loved by God, we are more able to see the soul of the person behind the behavior.


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