Exclusive Interview: Elizabeth Tabish on The Chosen, Notoriety and Faith

Actress Elizabeth Tabish says a war-torn world needs to hear the messages of peace and hope that are the focus of an upcoming special Christmas-themed movie based on The Chosen.

That movie, Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night, will be in theaters for six nights, Dec. 12-17, blending two Nativity-flavored episodes -- “The Messengers” and “The Shepherd” -- into one remastered and re-scored story. It also includes a performance by Andrea and Matteo Bocelli.

“There's so much pain going on in the world right now. There's so much tragedy,” Tabish told Christian Headlines. “... [The movie] is about the birth of Jesus. And it's told through a few different perspectives. But all of it comes down to this beacon of hope, which is the Christ child and the peace and joy and freedom that comes with that and with Him.”

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Photo Courtesy: Angel Studios. Canva Pro.



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