A Beautiful Tithes and Offerings Prayer

When we give back to God, we are expressing our trust in him and in his provision. When we pray over our offerings to God, we are asking him to bless that which we give and use it for his purposes.

The Real Challenge of Millennial Giving

“Millennials want to give to a cause.” Heard that one? Of course you have. And it’s true. Just not the whole truth. Here’s all of it: EVERYBODY wants to give to a cause.

Why Are Radical Givers So Happy?

A host of scientific and sociological research indicates that giving money away makes us healthier and happier. Radical, joyful givers view all generosity as a free, open-handed, and joyful response to the generosity of God.

Why Give?

Why do people give? That’s easy. They give from the heart, to vision.

5 Important Tools for Building Strong Community

We, at times, have unreasonable expectations, believing community to be an organic, naturally occurring phenomenon. We are prone to think it is the culmination of like personalities and close proximity. The truth is, the formation of community requires great effort, knowledge, and skill.

How to Give to the Lord

When we give to the Lord, so many things can go wrong. The world looks askance at it, even friends wonder about all the money we’re giving, and so many questions arise.

How Community Is More than Showing Up

Innate within each of us is a deep desire to connect. We want more than casual friendships, more than conversation that rarely goes beyond the weather and weekly recaps.


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