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3 Encouragements from Tim Keller's Life for the Church

Tim is with Christ. We pray for Kathy and the family. We pray for Redeemer Church and the millions of people around the world who will be safe in the arms of Jesus as a result of Tim Keller’s simple, sound, and brilliant message: God’s grace is sufficient.

What Is Success?

Obedience to what God has called us to do is success. It’s a moment-to-moment, day-to-day journey of seeking God’s heart and will, regardless of how many times we stumble.

“I Don’t Like My Job”: 5 Things to Do When Your Job Drains Your Joy

Despite the uncertainty, I followed the wild wind of the Holy Spirit and left my counseling job when I felt Him directing me to do so. And while my new vocation has come with its own set of difficulties and has definitely required sacrifices, I’ve never been happier, and I have never regretted my decision.

How to Put Work Away at Home

When a work issue comes to mind that really needs your attention, set a time limit (try to keep it short, maybe 5 minutes) and write down the thoughts, the project, the to-do list, the calls that need to be made; get whatever is occupying your mind out on paper and then move on.

The Reason I Left My Career

[The Lord] is always teaching us something new, revealing a new mystery, sharpening a spiritual gift, refining character, opening a new door of ministry, or budding a new relationship ripe with promise.

5 Reasons International Missions Are Crucial

Paul was constantly traveling and taking the Gospel to new locations, yet he never complained. Paul was beaten, shipwrecked, and imprisoned many times, yet he counted it all as joy to serve the Lord. In our own missionary endeavors, we need to reflect the same joy.

How to Find Biblical Joy When You Can't Find Your Dream Job

I believe the concept of a “dream job” is an American mindset and not necessarily a biblical one. Of course, God has given us abilities and interests and wants to use us in unique ways, but that may not always be how we might think. We may be given the opportunity to work a job that we love, like my husband and I did for a season, but God has a plan and wants to use us in the places he chooses. He knows what is best.

24 Bible Verses to Shine for God in the Workplace

Christians in the workplace have a choice. They can join the crowd of quiet quitters or acknowledge God on the job by following His plan for work. Christian employees have a wonderful opportunity to shine brightly for God. The Bible covers all aspects of life, including work. When we study God's Word, we find the origins and purpose of work. We also learn the proper attitude toward employment and warnings to heed.

How Can We All Use Our Creative Talents to Glorify God?

When we look at the intricacy of a snowflake, the symmetry of a butterfly, or the perfect location of the earth’s position in the rest of the solar system, we see the handiwork of our Creator God. He also planned that we would be made in His image (Genesis 1:26), so it is no surprise that we get to experience the wonder and joy of creativity ourselves.

How Can We Encourage Our Unemployed Loved Ones?

It’s hard for the out-of-work person and for his or her loved ones to stay positive, especially if the unemployment drags on and on. Here are eight ways you can encourage your unemployed loved one, whether it’s a spouse, relative, friend, neighbor, or church member.

6 Verses to Cling to When You Are Overwhelmed

There will always be something in life that will rock our world, knock us off our feet, or overwhelm our souls in a way we don’t know how to handle. But God’s Word gives us the hope and help we need when we don’t know what to do.

3 Ways to Encourage Youth Pastors and Leaders

Being a Youth Pastor or a Youth Volunteer is a tough, but incredibly rewarding gig. Just like everyone else — in fact probably more so — they need our support, encouragement and to be treated like a valuable part of the church.

Choosing a Career: What Should Guide Your Decision?

God has given everyone the ability to see a need and act on it. He seems to expect us to notice it and get to work rather than waiting for a special call from him. There is no biblical formula for translating the world's needs into a precise job calling. That's why you need to seek God's guidance in the various forms of discernment available to you.

Is Being Busy a Virtue or a Vice?

“How are things going for you, pastor?”“Doing great! I have been crazy busy lately. We have quite a bit going on with it being around the holidays. Busy. Busy. Busy.”The parishioner has a bit of concern for the pastor, hoping he doesn’t burn out. But she is also encouraged that her pastor has such a great work ethic and isn’t a lazy bum like some other pastors that she hears about. Good that he’s keeping busy with kingdom work. Better to burn out than rust out, right?--“How are things going for you, pastor?”“Doing great! I’m not busy at the moment. In fact, I can’t think of the last time that I’ve really felt busy or overworked. I have finished most of my work for the week and I’m going to spend some time taking a nature hike today.”Is the parishioner encouraged by this response?Photo credit: ©Getty Images/grinvalds

Why I Encourage Women to Attend Seminary

Church is not the only place we should learn about God, and it can often be a place people stop going because of abuse, ridicule, and hurt. By choosing to go to a seminary, you will be taught under trained theologians who understand the Bible and have a passion for helping others learn.

How Can Busyness Become an Idol?

May the Lord give you the wisdom to see the soul spaces where busyness has robbed you and the grace to de-throne the idol that busyness can be, and replace it, instead. with the kind of worship and rest that God created for us.

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