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How Old Was Joseph When Jesus Was Born?

Joseph – the man who served as Jesus Christ’s earthly father – is an important part of the Christmas story. We often see depictions of Joseph in nativity scenes as part of the Holy Family. Sometimes, Joseph appears as a young man, and sometimes as an older man. How old was Joseph when Jesus was born? The Bible doesn’t mention Joseph’s age. But it does reveal some clues that allow us to make some educated guesses. By exploring those biblical clues, we can also find inspiration from Joseph’s life. Joseph, regardless of his age, was someone who God chose to play a vital role in Jesus’ life on earth. Here are 5 Bible clues about Joseph’s age from his inspirational life.Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Nankimstudio

Is the Bible Really One Big Story?

What staggers the mind and serves to add to the awesomeness of it all is how God has assembled and preserved His Word. Written over a period of approximately 1500-1600 years by 40 different authors from three different continents, and from various levels of society, the Bible is a unified masterpiece.

Who Are the Christmas Angels?

They top our trees, adorn our yards, and may even stand proudly in your local department store. But the Bible has a lot to say about angels, and not just in the Christmas story. Who are these angelic beings, what do they do, and why are they so closely connected to the story of Christ's birth?

How Old Was Mary When She Had Jesus?

Mary didn’t let her youth stop her from boldly moving forward into the plans God had for her life. By learning Mary’s story, you can discover how to respond well when God calls you to take action in your own life.

Who Were the Magi in the Christmas Story?

The story of the Magi began centuries before Christ’s birth. Since the beginning of kingdoms, kings have sought advice from their advisors and prophets. Babylon, however, perfected a council of advisors. It included well-trained “magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, and astrologers” (Daniel 2:2). This council became known as the Magi.

Where Is God?

“Where is God?” Let’s explore what the Bible says about where God is and what we can do when we feel distant from him.

10 Words in the Bible that Everyone Should Understand

The Bible is filled with beautiful language, and these words have the ability to point us to the truth and provide a path to live life to the fullest. Yet there are many words that can be confusing to the average reader. Understanding a little more about these 10 words will undoubtedly unlock deeper meaning as we seek to listen to God’s Word.Photo credit: ©Getty Images/RyanJLane

What Makes Something a Prophecy?

Whenever you talk about prophecy, many people’s ears perk up because it’s a topic which captures their attention. However as high as the interest is in prophecy, I would argue that many people don’t understand prophecy and miss altogether what makes something a prophecy.While prophecy has its place, if you don’t understand it then it can actually be destructive to you. The core of prophecy is about God speaking, and that alone can be an encouragement. But if misused, it can also shipwreck your faith.Photo credit: Unsplash/Matthias Wagner

6 Powerfully Grateful People in the Bible

As we prepare for another year of celebration with Thanksgiving, we are going to look at gratitude lived out in Scripture. God gave us His Word so that we could learn from it and be changed by it and the power of the Holy Spirit in us. Today, we are going to learn from grateful people in the Bible.Photo credit: ©Getty Images/natalie_board

Do Modern-Day Christians Need to Observe the Sabbath?

I would argue this is probably the most ignored commandment by Christians today. Most Christians understand and clearly agree with most of the commandments, 'Do not murder,' 'Do not commit adultery,' 'Do not steal,' and so on.


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